Privacy Policy

All customers are required to register an user account.  The information collected is solely for shipping and marketing purposes.  We do not pass information of our customers to any third party agent nor authorize any third party person to collect personal information from our customers by any means.

We do not collect credit card information nor personal banking information from our customers.  Online payment is made through PayPal, all credit card information that customers have given to PayPal will not be forwarded to us.  Western Union is the only offline payment method we accept, personal banking information is not required by us to accept such payment.

In case our customers receive email from any person on behave of asking for personal banking and/or credit card information, please do not reply.  Instead, customers should forward the complete email to us immediately.  We will examine contents of the email and take appropriate action against the sender.

We sometimes send email with attachment(s).  Customers must not open any suspicious attachment in an email.  If necessary, please contact us for clarification.

Customers may; at any time; review and modify personal information by logging onto the system.

We do our best to protect personal information of our customers from being stolen physically or electronically, however, we cannot guarantee information including user password is 100% safe.  Therefore, customers are strongly advised not to use credit card PIN or any other sensitive data as password to access our system.