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2.4gHz COMBO system for LCD Monitor

Easy portable usefull 2.4gHz Rx for LCD monitor.

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Most FPV Pilots need an easy portable, pratical and cheap solution for their test table. And also need it for short funny times.


Package contains :

2.4gHz Rx module

SMA mount PCB end

JST-XH charge lead

2.4gHz 3dBi antenna

Few heatshrink


LCD Monitor not include the package. You can buy the monitor from EBAY.COM

Moniteur LCD comprend pas l'emballage. Vous pouvez acheter le moniteur de EBAY.COM

Monitor LCD no incluye el paquete. Usted puede comprar el monitor de EBAY.COM

LCD-Monitor nicht die Verpackung. Sie können den Monitor aus EBAY.COM kaufen

You can buy LCD monitor from www.ebay.com  LCD monitor price about 32-39 USD with free shipping.

You can find from this link : http://cgi.ebay.com/4-3-TFT-LCD-Car-Reverse-Monitor-DVD-VCR-CCTV-Camera-/250598702026





Lets start to make our DIY project. TOTAL COST IS 55 -59 USD


Adjust mode : Contrast, saturation, hue, brightness can be adjustible as + and -


First of all we will cut the cable.


Move the soldering of cable.




Connect the black and white cables to Rx module














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