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Futaba & JR 7 watt booster

72 mHz 7 watt antenna booster. 

Perfect works with Futaba and JR PCM and PPM system. No need crystal and module.

About 25 km range.


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Plug FUTABA square trainer cord or JR trainer cord to 7 watt booster and use. Frequency control is on the booster. 1w , 3w , 5w and 7w output. 9-16 volt input. Range is more than 15 kilometers.


 72mhz FPV second-generation functional remote control amplifier set (crystal-free)

Package including: Booster, Futaba or JR special trainer cord, 72 mHz magnetic base antenna and 3 meters antenna extension cables.

Product Description:

1. Free remote control crystal, high-frequency head, adjustable power, frequency, direct analog cable input, support for PCM / PPM mode.

2. Does not require high-frequency remote control head and crystal, bring their own frequency synthesizer, only analog lines can link to cope with a dedicated 72Mhz transmitting antenna, 9-16V DC voltage (car battery or a 3S lithium battery, the maximum current is only 1.6A)

3. Frequency 71-80mhz continuously adjustable screen frequency, power adjustable 0-7W!

Reference Power:

Normal eye flight 1W Power
3W power within the flight FPV 5KM
FPV 10KM flights within the 5W power
FPV 15KM flight 7W full power of the above

149DP PCM and other double-conversion PCM receiver can be achieved for more than 25KM away from the stability of the remote control!

Technical parameters:

3S full electrical power (4.16x3) 7W
Normal power V (4.00x3) 6W
3s Power (3.80x3) 5W

7W full power through the feeder after the actual output for more than 6.5W
Open amplifier 10 minutes, no change in frequency deviation, power unchanged, stable
Spectrum shows, in addition to outside multiplier can not be avoided (eg, 144mhz, 216mhz, etc.), the rest of the frequency is very clean, does not interfere with other frequencies

Antenna parameters:

Antenna Center Frequency: 72.5mhz
Antenna bandwidth: 10mhz
Antenna VSWR (72.5mhz): less than 1.2
Antenna Maximum Power Handling: 80w
Antenna Type: Vertical omni-directional type

Instructions for use:
WFLY and other 3.5mm audio port directly connected to analog amplifier, Futaba square plug port side I can switch to 3.5mm audio port (side port switch wiring simulator), Similarly, Esky round entrance port switch connector plug in a round can)

Use Note:

1. Please double-check their own side port, with a round mouth will turn loose wiring, poor contact (flight simulator test)

2. You must connect a good antenna, in order to open the amplifier power supply!

3. Amplifier antenna as far as possible away from the video receiving antenna 5 meters.

4. Right time to adjust to the frequency of 1W power, close flight Do not try to use high-power, specific program see the corresponding table in front of the distance and power.

At the same time the use of the head sensor and amplifier approach:

As the analog sensor port was accounted the head off, so only the first output pin from the high-frequency signal line access to find out amplifier, FF9 tuner output pin with 5.

Among them, we only find one: Signal Line 2: ground, and to link them to the amplifier, it OK.

The key is how to find these two lines. The two-line access to headphones, then the signal will be rumble sound.

Open the control, we can see, there is a pin connected to the antenna, OK, to exclude the needle, there are four. . .

Find the ground a line, and then three lines were used to test, enter the power amplifier on the two lines, one signal, one ground.



Only connect 72mHz external antenna to back side of Booster and connect the
your Tx trainer cord to front side of Booster. Adjust frequency and select
output power. (1-7 watt adjustible) Thats all.



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