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RC Shutter for Sony Camcorders

Variable Zoom Speed LANC Version (10 Pin Sony)

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You can control Record on/off and zoom in/out function with this shutter. This shutter has variable zoom speed with using any stick of your transmitter. Shutter works with standart Lanc protocol. If your camera has LANC or REMOTE interface you can use this shutter. 

This shutter has record status Led indicator and Video out cable. 

This version works with 10 Pin Sony Plug LANC or REMOTE plugs (CX730, CX760 etc.) . Some Sony cameras has 2.5mm Lanc interface. Please check Lanc interface plug type of your cameras before order.

10pin Sony plug camcorder models :

CX12, CX100, CX110, CX130, CX150, CX160, CX180, CX190, CX200. CX210, CX260v, CX300, CX350, CX360, CX500, CX520, CX550, CX560, CX580v, CX700, CX760v

HC1, HC3, HC5, HC7, HC9

PJ10, PJ30, PJ30v, PJ50, PJ200, PJ260v, PJ580v, PJ710v, PJ760v

SR10, SR11, SR12

XR100, XR150, XR160, XR200, XR260v, XR350, XR500, XR520, XR550



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