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Pirate EYE LCD Goggle

Pirate EYE 640*480 resolution LCD Goggle

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Monocular video glasses for framing and data info return

these video glasses have been designed by a professionnal for professionnals: very often photographer or film makers need a real time video return for framing while shooting. Unlike with immersion glasses where  you are totally isolated and often confused, here you get the best of both worlds.

PirateEye video glasses allows to pass in the blink of an eye sight direct to video to achieve the right framing. The eyepieceis located just below the line of sight of the eye so it does not interfere with the sight of both eyes before and above and allows lowering the gaze and above all without moving your head to have all relevant information on the video screen, then return to his unit immediately. All this without ever having different genes for brightness and distance. In addition the screen is inside the sunglasses he is no longer the problem of adaptation to light as a screen outside.

There are two options for to choose the Glasses color, SMOKE Lens or CLEAR Lens.

Just write on the order page, which color lens do you want, Smoke or Clear lens. We will send you color.

ESS ICE glasses, approved by several police and army in the world are sunglasses, high quality treated against minor scratches and fog. The sunglasses are treated 100% UVA / UVB protection.

A small belt bag is provided to allow the easy storage during the time of preparation of the machine. The connection of glasses is provided by a plug contact LEMO that guarantees quality and a quick connect / disconnect and easy

Holders of glasses can finally see clearly in a video glasses, indeed an adapter for corrective lenses is available from resellers ESS. (Corrective lenses to achieve from an spectacle)

The eyepiece displays a video resolution of 640x480, ideal for displaying and reading information like OSD.


Tech Specs

● VGA color LCD display (640x480)
● 32° Angle of view  equal to 48 inches diagonal display at  7 feet distance
● Auto-selecting video signal for either NTSC or PAL
● Power voltage 1W from 6.4 to 18 volts DC
● Adjustable video angle of screen to meet your eye view
● Adjustable video eye view to match your eyesight (-2/+2 dioptre)
● Mounts on ESS eyewear, provide 100% UAV/UVB protection. Adjustable earbends allow for a comfortable, secure anatomical fit
● Optional ESS Rx inserts allows user to insert their own prescription eyewear for a +/- 6 range  of corrections with eyeshield for a low-profile, lightweight prescription integration
● RCA video plug adapter
● Lens cleaning cloth
● Soft belt case for convenient use
● Hard paper cylindrical case for secure storage and shipping for standard version



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